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Arctic Report Card: Update for 2021
Rapid and pronounced warming continues to drive the evolution of the Arctic environment
Archive of previous Arctic Report Cards
2021 Arctic Report Card

Videos and Animations

2021 Arctic Report Card on YouTube

Arctic Report Card Playlist on YouTube


Description: Colors show the age of sea ice floating in the Arctic Ocean. The darkest blue areas on the map show seasonal or first-year ice, which formed during the most recent winter. White areas show where ice is more than four years old.

Scientists estimate the age of sea ice by combining satellite observations of ice locations and extent with buoy data on winds and motion. The temporal coverage for this data set is weekly data from January 1984 through December 2020. Data for 2021 comes from the Quicklook Arctic Weekly EASE-Grid Sea Ice Age data product.

The input ice motion data used for this data set is derived from the Polar Pathfinder daily 25 km EASE-Grid Sea Ice Motion Vectors Version 4 data set.


Download Arctic Report Card video transcripts and mp4 files from NOAA PMEL’s repository.

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