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Oceans & Coasts
NOAA’s National Ocean Service plays a critical role in our coastal communities, providing a diverse suite of products and programs that bolster, protect, and restore our resources and economy in support of goals to increase U.S. coastal resilience, make equity central to our mission, accelerate growth of the Ocean Enterprise and the Blue Economy, and conserve, restore, and connect healthy coastal and marine ecosystems.
Nicole LeBoeuf
Assistant Administrator, National Ocean Service (NOS)
Storm-driven erosion on the Ninglik River that was creeping towards Newtok has caused the southwest Alaska community to relocate nine miles downriver to Mertarvik. (Image credit: Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium)

About Our Work in the Arctic //

National Ocean Service missions are foundational for environmental, economic, and socio-cultural health in the Arctic. From preparedness and response, to charting, mapping, and Arctic science, the National Ocean Service provides a number of key services to Arctic communities. Our coastal community resilience, infrastructure, and tribal initiatives are especially important in the Arctic and Alaska. In addition, NOS staff maintain long-standing relationships with State of Alaska, Tribal, and community governments as well as non-governmental organizations, international councils and interagency committees, such as the Alaska Mapping Executive Committee (AMEC). 

Over 40,000 indigenous people living on Alaska’s Arctic coastline depend on marine resources for subsistence. But the Arctic Ocean affects not just people in Alaska, but across the lower 48 as well. NOAA’s Ocean Service conserves and manages our Arctic and coastal resources based on sound science to support healthy, productive, and resilient ecosystems and communities.

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