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Report Card

About Arctic Report Card 2022

The Arctic Report Card (hereafter ‘ARC’) has been issued annually since 2006. It is a timely and peer-reviewed source for clear, reliable and concise environmental information on the current state of different components of the Arctic environmental system relative to historical records. The ARC is intended for a wide audience, including scientists, teachers, students, decision-makers, policy-makers, and the general public interested in the Arctic environment and science.

Arctic Pollinators

Knowledge of Arctic pollinators is deficient, despite their important functional roles in terrestrial ecosystems and contribution to the food systems of Arctic Indigenous Peoples and Arctic residents. 

Lake Ice

Lake ice cover is an important component of the cryosphere and changes to the timing of ice freeze-up, break-up, duration, and thickness can have substantial impacts on weather and climate, transportation, and ecology.

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