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News from the Community
Find below news articles from the NOAA Arctic research community.
How Two Scientists Have Advanced Marine Ecosystems Research in the Arctic

In the middle of the cold and wavy Bering Sea, a crane extends over the stern of the R/V Sikuliaq and brings aboard a metal scoop filled with a sample collected from the muddy bottom of the seafloor. Researchers, Jackie, Lee, and colleagues, sort through the mud samples to catalog the hundreds of organisms it

We’re Hiring! Apply to GOMO’s Data Management Specialist position

NOAA’s Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing (GOMO) Program is hiring a Data Management Specialist (Program Specialist III). This position will provide senior-level program support for the design and development of data management approaches and policies for the GOMO and Arctic Research Program (ARP). The position will work closely with the GOMO and ARP Directors, Program

Warmest Arctic Summer on Record is Evidence of Accelerating Climate Change: 2023 Arctic Report Card Released

New chapters in 2023 Arctic Report Card show the promise of Indigenous knowledge to strengthen resilience  On December 12, NOAA’s 2023 Arctic Report Card released at a press conference hosted by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) as part of its Fall Meeting. Opening remarks were provided by NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad. Lead editor Rick Thoman

Biden-Harris Administration invests $1 million in advancing Arctic data management and climate resilience through Investing in America agenda

This is a repost of a NOAA press release dated December 8, 2023. View the original release on Today, the Department of Commerce and NOAA announced a $1 million Notice of Funding Opportunity for competitive grants to help improve regional climate data and information products for the Arctic region. These grants are funded through

Innovative tech to observe Arctic phytoplankton

Repost of original story written by NOAA PMEL. NOAA and partner scientists recently completed two successful field tests in the US Arctic merging new technologies and traditional ship surveys to assess real-time phytoplankton species distributions in response to surface warming. The rapid warming of the Arctic Ocean has led to earlier sea ice retreats in

What is IASOA?

What is IASOA? Summer Series about the Arctic Research Program In our continuing series to learn more about the Arctic Research Program (ARP) at OOMD, this month’s article is about the International Arctic Systems for Observing the Atmosphere (IASOA). This group coordinates the activities of individual Arctic observatories to provide a collaborative international network for

Does it matter how much the United States reduces its carbon dioxide emissions if China doesn’t do the same?

Landmark buoys across the tropical Pacific Ocean get a makeover

January 2023 U.S. Climate Outlook: A wetter-than-average start to the new year out West

December 2022 U.S. Climate Outlook: A colder-than-average end to the year favored in the north

November 2022 U.S. Climate Outlook: Drier and warmer than average likely across the East

NOAA Science Report features new data-gathering drones, advances in wind, weather and water forecasts

Discovering a 207-year-old whaling ship, advancing air-quality forecasts, improving storm surge and wind forecasts, and deploying the first-ever drone-based tagging of endangered whales. These are a few of the more than 60 stories about NOAA’s many notable scientific accomplishments from the past year that are featured in the 2022 NOAA Science Report, which emphasizes a wide range of impacts that NOAA science advancements have on the lives of Americans. 


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Arctic Report Card: Update for 2022

The warming Arctic reveals shifting seasons, widespread disturbances, and the value of diverse observations. Shifting seasons and climate-driven disturbances, such as wildfires, extreme weather, and unusual wildlife mortality events, are becoming increasingly difficult to assess within the context of what has been previously considered normal. Read more at the 2022 Arctic Report Card site…

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NOAA awards contract to establish ocean partnership office

NOAA Research, through NOAA Ocean Exploration, has awarded a $3.5 million, five-year  contract to Integrated Systems Solutions, Inc. ISS to establish the National Oceanographic Partnership

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Atlantic Ocean nations join pact to cooperate on marine science

The United States joined with leaders of six nations and the European Union today in Washington, D.C., to sign the All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation

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Expedition reveals deep insights into the Arctic of tomorrow

Two years ago, hundreds of international scientists set off on the one-year MOSAiC expedition, collecting unprecedented environmental datasets over a full annual cycle in the

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