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NOAA in the Arctic
Learn about what NOAA is working on in the Arctic.
NOAA's Arctic Action Plan | NOAA's Arctic Vision and Strategy
Arctic Report Card
This annually published peer reviewed report gathers the latest science from top experts to track changes in the Arctic.
Latest Report Card
Oceans & Coasts
NOAA’s National Ocean Service plays a critical role in our coastal communities, providing a diverse suite of products and programs that bolster, protect, and restore our resources and economy in support of goals to increase U.S. coastal resilience, make equity central to our mission, accelerate growth of the Ocean Enterprise and the Blue Economy, and conserve, restore, and connect healthy coastal and marine ecosystems.
NOAA’s National Weather Service provides weather, water, and climate information for planning and decision making to protect lives, property, enhance the national economy, and manage the Arctic’s many resources.
NOAA Satellites observe the Arctic ocean and atmosphere to understand and forecast Arctic change.
NOAA Research is foundational to understanding the complex Arctic system and supporting effective stewardship, resilient communities, and sustainable economies
NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) provides science-based conservation and management of important Arctic living marine resources and their habitats: productive and sustainable fisheries, safe sources of seafood, recovery and conservation of protected resources, and healthy ecosystems.
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