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The Arctic is a vast, ice-covered ocean, surrounded by tree-less, frozen ground, that teems with life, including organisms living in the ice, fish and marine mammals, birds, land animals and human societies.

NOAA provides Arctic information and a set of reputable indicators that describe the present state of the Arctic ecosystem and climate.

Daily sea ice extent updates resumed with provisional data

SSM/I DMSP satellite

What's Happening  

2015 North Pole Web Cam video posted on YouTube - March 2016
Arctic Report Card Update for 2015 - Dec 2015
Remote sensing data for RUSALCA Expeditions (2004, 2009, 2012 and 2014) - April 2015
Newly designed and updated RUSALCA website - April 2015
The Arctic and Climate Change: NOAA's Role in the Arctic (PDF) (PPT - Feb 2015
NOAA Arctic Research: International Ecosystem Activities - Oct 23, 2014
NOAA flies over Arctic to measure extent of sea ice - Oct 3, 2014


Arctic Report Card Update for 2015
2015 North Pole webcam YouTube video
Memorandum of Agreement MOA-2011-080 | Annex 1 | Annex 2
Sea ice videos: What is Sea Ice? | How do we measure sea ice? | Impacts of shrinking ice from NOS
Arctic Mid-Latitude Linkages: A Bibliography
Sea Ice Outlook & Walrus Outlook - from SEARCH/ARCUS
YouTube logosArctic Videos


RUSALCA - Russian-American Long-term Census of the Arctic
Arctic Wave Glider
NASA IceBridge Sea Ice Freeboard, Snow Depth, and Thickness Quick Look data set
Frostbytes: short Arctic YouTube videos by the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS)
Arctic Environmental Atlas - Russian language
 NOAA Sea Ice Forecasting Workshop Summary, 19-21 Sept 2011, Anchorage, AK

Programs & Projects   Synthesis of Arctic Research (SOAR)
Distributed Biological Observatory (DBO) - linking Physics & Biology
Ice Desk - National Weather Service
Tiksi Arctic Observatory - a US, Russian, and Finnish partnership
Tiksi International Hydrometeorological Observatory - Status report Feb 2012
International Arctic System for Observing the Atmosphere (IASOA)
PAG - Pacific Arctic Group
Arctic Research Program Office- NOAA's focal point for Arctic Observations
Sea Ice Forecasting Workshop - September 2011
Bering Strait and Pacific Arctic Dynamics - University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory

This Arctic Theme Page provides access to widely distributed Arctic data and information for scientists, students, teachers, academia, managers, decision makers and the general public.

The Arctic
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